Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How Our Fairy Garden Grew

     Once upon a time, there was a beautiful tree. There was a little girl who played in its branches and sat in its shade to to read her stories and dream of adventures. Her mama would watch with love as she played and dreamed. But then the little girl grew up and had kids of her own. And one day, some people came along and told her mama that the branches were too high and bothered the electric wires so the tree must be cut down. This made her mama sad. She loved to look out at the tree and remember her little girl playing there, and she wanted to keep some of it, so in protest she got them to leave it a nice tall stump that she could decorate and still enjoy the memories. She decorated the tall stump every holiday and it brought her joy, and her daughter and her children would come and help and that brought her so much joy. 

      But then one day, the mama grew ill, and later passed away. This made her family very sad. But something magical happened the next day. Her family looked out at the tree and it was growing branches! Such beautiful full branches sprung from this tree, it was so full of life and waiting for kids to play under it once more! The daughter and her husband and kids moved into the house and just like their mama, they played around this lovely tree, until one day those people came back to cut the tree, for its branches and grown too much again. This made their mama and papa sad, but they were determined to keep the magic of the tree alive. They used their magic to turn the tree into a giant mushroom, and the children once again played and rested and had adventures around the tree. But then.....

Then the fairies started moving in. They have turned the tree into their home and all around the tree is their village

With a playground, and fairy market and the village square

fairy girl playing in the sand box
and the village well..
around to the beach
and more houses started popping up

All guarded by the giant frog

and now that the fairies have touched it.... the tree is once again full of life!

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