Thursday, February 12, 2009


Valentines!!Lots and lots of valentines. My kids and I found a valentine exchange on a post in one of the yahoo groups I belong to so we decided it would be fun to participate. Fun it is. We loved getting the list of names and seeing where we would be sending them out to. One was to China, so exciting. But then, yesterday they started coming in and oh my goodness, the excitement hasn't stopped. Kalamazoo, 2 from MA, LA. The really cool thing is we all put a little something about where we live in with the valentines, and It is so much fun learning about so many places. My 2 older boys went to school for the 2nd half of last year because I was having blood pressure issues with my pregnancy and was on bed rest. We got nervous they would fall behind (know better now, wouldn't really have been the case) but they got to participate in the school valentine exchange and today said, "this is so much better! We know all the kids we got them from last year, but this time, we learn about new kids and places." If you homeschool, I would deffinatly recomend looking for a valentine exchange like this next year. It is so much fun.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Kanin turns 1

My youngest had his first birthday this past week.I thought I would share some pictures from his celebration.