Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Days

Today was such a beautiful fall kinda day. We never got to any "real" schoolwork. We made a batch of elderberry elixir and elderberry syrup, for the upcoming flu season. I love the idea of making our own medicines. It is so empowering to feel that we can take care of ourselves, nature provides us with the remedies. I love giving my kids the opportunity to be able to be part of that too. The days they are not feeling so well, they know that they had a hand in making that that is going to help them feel better. Of course we got enough elderberries to make a couple batches of jelly too :). That is a must for the rest of the days we already feel good and are ready to start the day with homemade goodness.
On our nature walk today, we notice the subtle smell of fall in the air. Since Fall is by far my favorite season, I must say, this smell does wonders for my spirit. Soon the hills we be ablaze with fiery reds and oranges and yellows. I didn't take my camera along with me today, but I am going to leave you with a picture of my oldest son's bees. He is very enthusiastic about his bee keeping and he is now also starting his own blog, Bee boy's 6th grade adventure. I am having him keep it to journal his school this year. Stop by and leave him a comment, that will make his day :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Getting back in the swing of things

I must say, I have had such a sad attempt at this blogging stuff, but I really need to get into it, so we can have a nice visual of our homeschooling experiences and day to day living. I really enjoy sharing our love of homeschooling with people. I have fallen in love with Waldorf education. I am trying to switch to that way of teaching my children and living. It makes me sad that I didn't discover this when my oldest was younger, but he is still young enough for it to appeal to him too. We just love nature and to be outdoors. Here are some pictures from todays outside schooling. We went ontop of a local landmark, a hill called Old Baldy( it was bare for many years after a fire, thus earning it's name) What a view! My DH does some seasonal work in a stone quary on the hill side, so he was giving the kids some lessons on rocks and minerals.