Thursday, September 17, 2009

Getting back in the swing of things

I must say, I have had such a sad attempt at this blogging stuff, but I really need to get into it, so we can have a nice visual of our homeschooling experiences and day to day living. I really enjoy sharing our love of homeschooling with people. I have fallen in love with Waldorf education. I am trying to switch to that way of teaching my children and living. It makes me sad that I didn't discover this when my oldest was younger, but he is still young enough for it to appeal to him too. We just love nature and to be outdoors. Here are some pictures from todays outside schooling. We went ontop of a local landmark, a hill called Old Baldy( it was bare for many years after a fire, thus earning it's name) What a view! My DH does some seasonal work in a stone quary on the hill side, so he was giving the kids some lessons on rocks and minerals.


themagiconions said...

I just love the photo of Dad up the tree... we are a tree climbing family too... you'll even see Granny up a tree now and then.
I'm so glad you've joined into Friday's Nature Table... Those hills are so pretty... so open, I love that!
Blessings and magic.

Kelly said...

These really are beautiful pictures. What a great natural place to learn. So many beautiful views and trees and rocks. Have a lovely weekend and thanks for sharing this.
Best wishes