Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our Fairy Garden

Finally, we have finished our fairy garden for The Magic Onions fairy garden contest. What fun it has been! It was mostly Serenity and my project, but the boys and Daddy couldn't resist joining in! Here, let me take you on a tour of our fairy garden.

Here is the mushroom house, with it's well manicured lawn and sweetly placed flowers, and of course, a mushroom house has cute little mushrooms growing inside their fenced in yard! And over here is the fairy school. We have decided that the fairies who live in the mushroom house must grow the mushrooms for the seats at fairy school. My kids have also decided we should hold our own school day in a similar setup outside. What fun I think that would be!
Beside Fairy School we have the little fairy playground, with it's slide, swings and see saw.

Down stream from the playground is Mermaid Cove, the magical little swimming hole. Serenity loved adding the seashells and jewels to the cove.I think this was her favorite part.

The village wishing well

Then there is the rustic house, where we hang out the wash and stack the fire wood. I think this best represents our own home,lol.

And here is the campground with a campfire already in progress. I can just see them now, sitting around the fire sining their camp songs! Oh what fun those fairies and have!

And here is our garden in it's entirety.

I certainly hope you have enjoyed your tour of Serenity's Fairy Garden!
Oh, and by the way, I think the fairies must have sent out this little guy to scout out this new garden because he decided to show up and tour the garden while I was taking the pictures. Had to grab one with him in it. What a fun addition to our garden!
Do you see the butterfly by the clothesline??