Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Our Michaelmas Celebration

 After 10 years of homeschooling, we have recently found a group of families that homeschool and parent in the same kind of ideas that we are trying to bring to our own family. We have been so very blessed to be able to come together with this group weekly for a circle time with the younger ones. The children are able to play in nature and listen to beautiful  stories and create and sing and just. be. children.
 This past weekend our little group got together and held our Michaelmas celebration. At our previous circle time we prepared by having each child decorate a paper bag however they wished.

Then, on the day of the celebration, the mama who was hosting the gathering put the bags together to form our dragon. After some free playing time, the children gathered to hear a story about dragons. Then they listen to the story of Michael and how he slayed the dragon with his fiery sword.

The kids all went off to find something that they could magically transform into a sword. For they had a task that lay ahead of them!
With sticks in hand, they repeated the magic words that turned them into swords. Just in time too, because around the corner a dragon emerged! Our brave guardians fearlessly fought the dragon.

Our victors emerge with their trophy!

And then sent him to the fiery pit forever! (Or at least until next Michaelmas... )

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