Friday, April 23, 2010

A Week Without TV

Last week, as most probably know, was TV turn off week. I must say, I have really enjoyed it, and I think the kids have too. Now, don't think that TV has been a long time addiction that we began working on for TV turn off week. I actually caved and got cable back in December. Sadly, in just those few short months, my kids have taken quite a liking to the TV. I really was hoping that I could get cable so my husband could watch the games he wanted and we could watch an occasional family show, but was I ever naive. I am all the time turning off the TV pulling my kids away to do life. So, when National TV turn off week was upon us, I told the kids we were going to celebrate. We made up lists of things we wanted to do and got my kids to live life again. Our week consisted of nature walks, making nature bracelets, painting, building. playing games and just exploring and imagining. It was great. Now, we have gone to a show a day on the TV and rest of the day, enjoying life!


Jacqui said...

It's a hard one isn't it? what a great time you all seemed to be having - wonderful shots - especially the muddy puddles :)

Grace said...

I'm considering a tv free life. It is hard to commit to though. And we don't even watch that much tv. But life is so much more prodcutive without it (for adults and children)-

Looks like your family had a great tv free week!

Allison said...

This is wonderful. Now that the weather is nicer, we are outside all the time, I find my children don't miss TV at all. However, this past winter we watched WAY too much. I need to think of how to avoid this for the coming winter. Any ideas welcome!