Monday, January 19, 2009

Sleep deprived

Ok, so I am going crazy here. I have been up since 3:50 this morning with my 2 youngest, it is now 10:00pm and I am waiting to wake my DH in a half hour so my head can finally hit the pillow. But, my 2 little dears that were responsible for my early mornings these last few days, have been sleeping since 6, so I ahve a feeling we are on a new sleeping pattern, one that doesn't involve sleep for me!! Bright side though, I was so grouchy this morning by the time the older 2 woke up, that I think they were scared not to do their studies for me afraid I might snap or something, lol. I seriously have not had them do their school work so easily. Maybe the crazy sleep deprived look does wonders for me:)

Well, for some reason I decided to use today as the day I try out sewing Barbie doll clothes. What the heck I am thinking I don't know. The pieces are so small and tedious to work with. Not a project to undertake when you are tiered but jittery from all the caffine to keep you awake. I hope these clothes work out for me though. I hate The clothes made for Barbie by Mattel. I have issues getting her hands through the shirt sleeves, so of course my little lady has issues doing it too, and since Barbie has to have many wardrobe changes in a day, I hope to create a wardrobe easy to put on and off, so that I don't have to do it all the time. Not to mention I don't want to buy toys/ clothes ect. made by big business anymore. I am so very outraged by the new CPSIA laws. Just another way to make big business bigger, and those trying to follow a dream a kick right back down. If you don't know about this, here are some links to familiarize yourself.
"The damage comes from new rules governing lead in children’s products. After last year’s scare over contaminated toys made in China, Congress leapt in to require all products aimed at children under 12 years old to be certified as safe and virtually lead-free by independent testing. The burden may be manageable for big manufacturers and retailers that can absorb the costs of discarded inventory and afford to hire more lawyers. Less likely to survive are hundreds of small businesses and craftspeople getting hit with new costs in a down economy.

Because the new rules apply retroactively, toys and clothes already on the shelf will have to be thrown out if they aren’t certified as safe. When Congress passed the legislation in August, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi boasted that “With this legislation, we will not only be recalling, we will be removing those products from the shelves.” Yeehaw. While large retailers may ask manufacturers to take back uncertified products, independent stores may be stuck with inventory that is suddenly illegal to sell." , ,

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